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InterWeighing is an international weighing industry expo organized by CWIA once every year. It is the largest trade show specializing in weighing industries in the world.

The scope and contents of InterWeighing are various non-automatic weighing instruments, automatic weighing instruments, all kinds of scales, balance, weighing system, indicator, load cell, weights, testing instrument and device, electronic component and materials used in weighing instrument.

Today, InterWeighing has become the world's largest and highest international quality professional weighing instrument exhibition. The annual InterWeighing event has become the most grand annual industry event in the world. InterWeighing has strengthened the economic and technological exchanges and cooperation among the international weighing industry circles, and has helpfully promoted the development of global weighing products trade.

For details, please visit  www.interweighing.com

About CWIA
The China Weighing Instrument Association is a national social economic group as a legal body. It is a democratic and autonomous authority in charge of administration in weighing industry of China. The CWIA was set up on October 10, 1983. Now it has more than 350 group members. CWIA members include manufacturers, distributors, researchers, educators, government officials, end users, scales purchasers and suppliers to the industry.

The aim of CWIA is to act as an active agent between enterprises and government, Push technical level and management level forward, expand economic and technical interchanges, make widely friends, promote friendship and co-operation of various fields at home and abroad in weighing industry.

The CWIA established friendly relation with CECIP, Japan Measuring Instruments Federation, AWA of Germany and International Society of Weighing and Measurement, U.S.A.. The CWIA has succeeded in promoting economic and technical exchanges for foreign firms.

The trade show ----- InterWeighing  is held by CWIA once every year. It is the largest trade show specializing in weighing industries in the world.


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